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Ningbo Dasky Life Science/ Eralab Scientific Instrument(HK)Co., Limited.

Ningbo Dasky Life Science/ Eralab Scientific Instrument(HK)Co., Limited.


Ningbo Dasky Life Science/ Eralab Scientific Instrument(HK)Co., Limited.
About Us
Ningbo Dasky Life Science Co Ltd was established in April 2019 It is a high tech enterprise that is committed to the integration of research and development production and sales of various chronic disease detection and diagnosis and treatment equipment so as to better serve the patients with chronic diseases in China and the world The company adheres to the belief of pursuing excellence and achieving extraordinary achievements and the principle of safety and effectiveness continuously develops high tech medical device products suitable for clinical use implements the quality policy of quality first and reputation first and strives to produce 100 high quality products The company has...

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Sample Collection Flocked Swabs

Saliva Collection Kit

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Blood Glucose Meter

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